Wills and Probate

Personal Circumstances

To ensure that your loved ones are cared for in the event of your death every Client should irrespective of income or personal circumstances should prepare a Will. By having a legally binding document, a Will can prevent relatives who you dislike to claim on your assets which you would like to bequest to relatives preferred by you. Also with a Will you can create a better and secure life style for your children’s who are under 18 years of age by appointing legal guardians to care for them should there be no surviving parent. It costs less than you think and Dar & Co can provide a specialist UK Will & Islamic Will writing service in addition to a full Probate Service.

Wills and Probate
Statistics show that the vast majority of the population does not own a current accurate Will and furthermore many leave behind Wills that are not adequate for the current law or their personal circumstances. In such cases, you risk leaving your loved ones with an uncertain future and complicated legal rules may apply as to who receives the Estate. Death and taxes cannot be avoided in life; a Will can minimize the tax liability, depending upon the size of the estate. A Will with clear instructions about donations to charity or gifts to your loved one can avoid paying such taxes.

The only way to ensure that your possessions and investments go to who you want is by having a Will prepared and regularly reviewed to keep up to date with any changes in your circumstances.

Preparing a Will to suit the needs of an individual client or dealing with their estate of someone who has died can be a complicated legal process. Our expert Solicitors can guide you through your various options and the implications to give you complete peace of mind. We also specialise in drafting Islamic Wills which are compliant with Sharia Law and accepted in the UK. Below is a list of Services we provide:-

• Drawing up of a Will
• Drawing up of an Islamic Will
• Probate Services
• Acting as executors to administer your estate
• Drafting Lasting Powers of Attorney

Our Charges

Making a will need not be expensive, our qualified solicitors will only charge you from £150 + vat for a Standard British Will and Islamic Will charges are from £200 + vat. If your Will is complex the charges may be higher and this will be agreed with you at the first meeting.

We also offer Home and Hospital visits at an additional charge of £50 + vat. (Subject to a 3 Mile Radius).
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